Weekly poll results: tablets are still relevant, but people rarely upgrade

While not a hot topic, tablets are still relevant – most people in last week’s poll cast a positive vote. The three options are nearly even and while “No” has a lead of a few percentage points, “Yes” and “Somewhat” add up to a majority over 60%.

Going through the comments makes things pretty clear – most people use tablets for media consumption. An old tablet performs this task just as well as a new one, especially if (as many of you recommend) you shell out for a high-end tablet once and keep it for many years. Upgrading in a year or two rarely brings a meaningful improvement to screen quality.

Others suggest that cheapo tablets are great for kids, as long as it can play games and videos, it’s perfect. And if it ends up smashed up on the floor, oh well, no huge loss.

So, the conclusion is this – tablets still have a place in the gadget world. It’s just that few people bother upgrading them as often as they do their smartphones. This means that tablets now faces the same issue as the laptop industry, “good enough” can last you a long time.

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