Frozen Bottle Cofounders Pranshul Yadav & Arun Suvarna

Frozen Bottle Success Story:Rs 40 Cr revenue and 100 outlets in 2 years?

Frozen Bottle Cofounders Pranshul Yadav & Arun Suvarna
Frozen Bottle Co-founders Pranshul Yadav & Arun Suvarna
Frozen Bottle started with a initial funding of Rs 36 lakh, has raised itself very quickly to become a sought-after milkshake brand. Now it is having 100 outlets across the country and next it is planning to launch the frozen dessert brand and add 140 more outlets to the current 100 which were started within last two years.

In 2017, Story of Frozen Bottle started when Pranshul Yadav(33yrs) who was running his own quick-service restaurant (QSR) business met Arun Suvarna(45yrs) who was in real estate through their common friends. They decided to start up with Frozen Bottle, a milkshake and frozen desserts brand based in Bengaluru.

When Frozen Bottle was just taking shape in 2017, During the same time period big food delivery services like Swiggy and Zomato were just becoming consumer choices. Other already popular milkshake brands like Keventers were already capturing consumer attraction by offering quality product at affordable price.

Meanwhile Arun and prashant did their home task and went through an extensive market research for eight months on the milkshake business.They concluded that the Youth still aspire for a readily available, affordable product with an different taste in a global brand choice.

Starting the Frozen Bottle :

According to Pranshul Yadav(Co-founder of Frozen Bottle),They realized the need to sort the ingredients side of the business, they tied up with an ice cream vendor to ensure quality and consistency.After this they work on the product branding.

Bootstrapped with Rs 36 lakh,they started a very clever ad campaign for Frozen Bottle called “Shake the Original”, in 2017, That time it started with two 210 sq ft stores in Koramangala. Presently the brand own 40 company-owned stores with 60 franchise outlets.

Arun mentions that he never assumed that the brand will gain such a big reputation and become such big in just two years short period because he was a real estate business person.

Pranshul, on the other hand, already had experience in frozen desserts. He was a franchisee for Cream Stone, and had opened several outlets in Bengaluru, contributing to making it a leading ice cream brand in the city.

The quick rise of Frozen Bottle Brand:

frozen bottle
frozen bottle

Once the Frozen Bottle founders got confident in business acquiring good relevant knowledge and experience.They were able to open 10 Frozen Bottle stores quickly in the first year in Bengaluru.By the end of 2017 they started to offer their brand franchising.The franchisee asked to invest Rs 18 lakh per store and pays a royalty of eight percent for monthly sales. The franchisee manages the salaries and rentals along with other costs.

Presently the Company generates Rs 40 crore in revenue. Frozen Bottle is in 18 cities—including Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Pune, Surat, Manipal, Kochi, Coimbatore, etc—and 55 percent of its revenue comes from Swiggy deliveries.

Capturing the Market:

Today, QSR business is close to $1.6 billion in India. Big brands like Nirula’s in Delhi and Truffles and Leon Grill in Bengaluru still pander to local tastes and culture of cities, and have become institutions of sorts. Where already existing established brands such as Shakos, monQo, and Drunken Monkey milking the market, the very novice player Frozen Bottle is also acquiring a huge space and recognition in milkshake market. Now the founders of the Company want to evolve the brand as a QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) outlet serving food through their platform.Frozen Bottle adopted quick and steady rise in the market and competes with brands like Keventers, whose business has crossed Rs 100 crore in revenues. Across past few years, Consumption of milkshake rise across the country and Consumers got addicted for the experience of desserts on the go. Frozen Bottle made itself able to scale up on that demand.

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