Bottle gourd 3G Cutting Technique revolutionary Farming

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Bottle gourd 3G Cutting Technique

Revolutionary Farming

3G technique is the demand for smart farming at this time while considering the growing inflation, the production of 800 bottle gourds from a Bell. Today the land of the farmers is being reduced, in such a low land, the need for production is being felt. So let us tell you a way that you can earn huge profits from the same gourmet of the same gourd.

Yes, currently where you receive 50 to 150 loneters from a gourd vine, through this technique you may receive 800 loneters from a vine. Let’s tell you what is the 3G technology gourd flowers, the nature has made every living person as a male and female. This rule of nature applies to fruits and vegetables.

bottle gourd 3G cutting techniques
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bottle gourd 3G cutting techniques

To say it means that fruits and vegetables can also be divided into male and female. The identity of the male and female can be done through flowers in the gourmet. In profit 3G technology you have to increase female flowers. For this, you just have to do so that the rest of the flower is to break all the flowers. Similarly, leaving a flower in Bell, who is beside it, is breaking all the flowers. It is right to support the branch from any wood etc.

Whatever flowers will now have from the third vine, all the female flowers will be. Flowers can identify the gender or the male or female can be identified by its size. Female flowers are the size of a capsule. So through this technique you can get more than 800 bottle gourd with a help of a vine.

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