By Not Wearing Mask, You may invite Corona,Expert Advice

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we can defend the infection of this disease up to 95 percent. However, most people do not know the right way to wear the mask. Because of which the risk of infection can increase and increase. Experts believe that if you feel suffocated after wearing a mask, then you have not worn the mask correctly.

The biggest mistakes do people that they talk about the chin while talking to a public place, which is very wrong. If you want to avoid Corona then you should keep some things in mind. Do not wear such a mask which is loose. Cover the nose well from the mask. These should not just be on the tip of your nose. When you are talking to someone, do not slice the mask on the neck. Do not wear masks under the nose. Cover the chin too. Whenever you want to wear a mask, clean your hands with a sanitary or soap. If wash hands with soap then wash it up to at least 20 seconds. The most important thing you always wear clean masks. Do not hand the part between the masks. It is to be set directly on the nose and keep in mind that there should not be any gap between faces and masks. Immediately after reaching the house, wash hands with soap immediately after landing.

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