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Chhapaak Bollywood Movie Review by Wahbhai- Deepika Padukone Starrer


Bollywood Movie Review

The word Chhapaak is something different and not so easy to understand and correlate it with the theme of the recent deepika podukone starrer much awaited heavy buzzed bollywood documentary style movie based on a true story of acid attack ssurvivor Lakshmi Aggarwal.

What does Chhapak mean?

It is a Hindi phonetic sound which is the sound of splash. It is the sound of that acid splash on face when acid hit skin and the worst moment of thousands of acid attack is that Chhapaak sound of acid which not only burn their face but also their dreams their world and the life they are going to face for their entire life.So the Chhapaak is that one moment and the sound of that bad moment which going to change their entire life.May be this word sound different for a movie and used first time in cinema, But still the word ‘Chhapaak’ completely make sense for a movie on the pain of acid attack victims.

The victim is usually a woman and the attacker is usually a man who seeks revenge by scarring. Mostly this type of heinous crime is executed in calculated manner to destroy a woman physically and mentally by someone who is over controlling and mentally bankrupted to understand humanity and simply can’t accept refusal from a woman. The acid, he assumes, will disfigure his victim’s face and simultaneously her entire life.

But Laxmi Agarwal,the girl who faced acid attack by a stalker when she was just 15,refused to follow the tradition of being silent and follow the others. She fight not only for her but also for the victims like he her. Instead she raised the voice, she filed a PIL and fought a long legal battle against acid attack.

Chhapaak Bollywood Movie Review by Wahbhai
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Chhapaak Movie:lakshmi Aggarwal Real vs Movie Character played by Deepika Padukone

She continued her fight for years and eventually the Supreme Court passed an order restricting and regulating the open sale of acid in country. Laxmi call herself as a survivor, not victim
The corrosive, he trusts, will distort his unfortunate casualty’s face and therefore her life.

It’s a wrongdoing determined to break a lady genuinely and intellectually. Society declares that excellence is a superpower – uniquely for ladies. With corrosive, the culprit plans to show his objective who is chief. Be that as it may, Laxmi Agarwal, who was assaulted by a stalker when she was just 15, would not follow the content. Rather she documented a PIL and took on lawful conflicts for quite a long time. In the long run the Preeminent Court passed a request limiting and managing the offer of corrosive in India. Laxmi alludes to herself as a survivor, not injured individual.

This astounding story is the motivation for Chhapaak, in which Deepika Padukone plays Malti, a white collar class Delhi young lady whose agreeably normal life is destroyed by a corrosive assault. The film opens seven years after she’s recorded the PIL. As the case pushes ahead languidly, Malti battles to get a new line of work. Yet, planned bosses don’t have the foggiest idea how to function around her recreated face. The proprietor of a delight parlor dismisses her with – Excellence parlor principle magnificence na ho toh issue hoti hai.

Chief Meghna Gulzar presents the anguish of this in a serene manner. There is insignificant dramatization. This is Malti’s life. Yet, she doesn’t disintegrate. Malti officers on, apathetically and now and then, even with a grin. Chhapaak’s greatest achievement is that Deepika becomes Malti. Her responsibility and conviction is finished. At no time do we feel this is a hotshot celebrated for her magnificence, deliberately un-enhancing herself. Deepika injects Malti with a peaceful chivalry. Her quality doesn’t require shouting. The prosthetics by Clover Wootton, which adjust as Malti experiences seven medical procedures, feel real. Directly after the assault, the disfiguration is extraordinary however Meghna doesn’t wait on the loathsomeness.

Rather, we get a hurting scene wherein Malti’s mom silently washes her consumed little girl. The visual helped me to remember American photograph writer W. Eugene Smith’s notorious photo Tomoko Uemura in her Shower where a Japanese mother affectionately washes her little girl who experiences Minamata ailment, a kind of mercury harming. The tenderness in the casing underlines the disaster. Vikrant Massey is additionally dazzling as Malti’s surly supervisor Amol.

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Chhapaak:Bollywood Movie scene

Amol’s irate activism is tempered by Malti’s capacity to discover bliss on the planet. In one of the film’s best scenes, she advises him that the corrosive was tossed on her, not him. Their romantic tale is delicate and wonderfully saucy. Madhurjeet Sarghi oozes downplayed quality as Malti’s legal advisor Archana. Be that as it may, in spite of the solid exhibitions, the film doesn’t feel critical or invigorated enough. Who was Malti before the assault? What were her fantasies? What did she appreciate? We have little feeling of this until some other time in the film. Which makes it hard to genuinely put resources into her in the manner that this story requires. Chhapaak is controlled by honest goals and dynamic informing yet the film is undermined by a defective screenplay. Composed by Meghna and Atika Chohan, the account bounces to and fro in time. The activity to a great extent moves between Malti’s excursion to recuperation, her position at a NGO and her fights in court. The hopscotching is befuddling and it doesn’t permit the characters to thrive. It likewise loosens the pace. Meghna’s hold on the material and thus the crowd gets lopsided. Contrast this with another film about a corrosive assault survivor – Uyare, discharged a year ago, in which Parvathy Thiruvothu plays the lead.

Scholars Bobby and Sanjay make an absolutely real representation of a lady enthusiastic about turning into a pilot. The fantasy is annihilated by her aggressor – or so he thinks. Be that as it may, Pallavi will not let her conditions rout her. Like Malti, Pallavi is a legend however she is increasingly layered. We see her fuming rage, her craving for vengeance, her sharpness.

Malti doesn’t accomplish this equivalent dynamism. Meghna stages the assault with a resolute look. It’s staggering to watch the frightfulness unfurl so coolly in a jam-packed commercial center. The observers look as a lady’s face softens. The first occasion when we see it, the energizing title tune composed by Gulzar saab and sung by Arijit Singh, plays. In scenes like this, the film ascends to its full power. In any case, there are likewise extends in which detached occasions are hung together to make a bigger point and Chhapaak drifts hazardously near turning into an open help declaration.

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Chhapaak Bollywood Movie Review by Wahbhai

The informing increases than the film, which lessens the effect. There is sufficient to appreciate in Chhapaak. However, I wish the film had taken the jumps that its hero did.

Finally The Deepika Padukone and Vikrant Massey Starrer Chhapaak  is a genuine and In depth attempt to feel and portrait the pain of the Acid attack victims like lakshmi Aggarwal as well as it is an inspirational Documentary style movie highlighting a social cause.


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