How Ashwani Aggarwal and his bringing change with single-use plastic made eco-friendly low-cost urinals in Delhi co-founder Ashwani Aggarwal
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Ashwani Aggarwal in 2014 initiated a sanitation and awareness project which sanitises crowded places, constructs mobile toilets, and spreads hygiene-related awareness.

“Be the change you want to see in others”-Mahatma Gandhi

Although the thought is great if we think, understand and implement to change India. However not everyone has a concern for daily issues persisting around us in our living space. Still Fortunately, There exist some good people like Ashwani Aggarwal(Co-Founder,, a Fine Arts graduate from Delhi College of Arts and Commerce. Ashwani is trying to bring out some innovative solutions of existing prominent issues in our society and environment.

However, many NGOs and individuals like Ashwani Aggarwal are already trying and bringing change around us.

Assume a situation when you are in a crowded market and suddenly you got nature’s call (Feeling urge to urinate).What will you do? Probably you will search for a public urinal.

But across India even in metro cities like New Delhi. For a big population of 1.86 crore there are only around 3,000 toilets for men and 30 toilets for women. Here, is finding a solution for this sort of situations for you.

In Metros like Delhi you can easily and frequently notice people urinating in the public. However it is totally unhygienic, still the situation is getting bigger due to lack of sanitation facilities, especially in public places. Despite the Swachha Bharat Abhiyaan like efforts of the Central and State governments, there are no much improvements in this hygiene related prominent issue.

Karan Singh, a musician, and Himanshu Saini, a photographer joined Ashwani as team members. In 2014 they started Basic Shit in Dwarka, New Delhi. The Trio got an idea to address the public urination issue by Upbringing a clean and safe environment for public sanitation by installing public urinals and toilets.

In a report by Indiegogo, Ashwani mentioned that he was eager to sort the issue of public urination. This affected people very much in their daily lives. So he realised that by installing low cost eco-friendly urinals in common urinating spots in highly crowded places. Because single use plastic made urinals are low cost, eco-friendly and portable. So he thinked of using it to help bringing sanitation and hygiene.

Apart from this, in terms of initial support, Ashwani along with his team participated in ABD’s competition. The theme of the competition was about finding a sanitary solution for the region, in which Basic Shit emerged as on the top three entries and gained some financial support for their project.
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PeePee Toilets:

BasicShit’s eco-friendly toilet termed as PeePee. It is made from single-use plastics dumped as garbage in the open and in landfills. Each PeePee toilet is made from 9,000 plastic bottles, neither it smell nor it requires water to clean, or even a connection to sewage.


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