Relationships-A short story with message to society

relationships A short story with message


A short story with message to society

Gopal Kishan ji is a retired teacher. By ten in the morning, he looked very healthy. Seven o’clock in the evening, along with high fever, started showing all the symptoms that are seen inside a corona positive patient.

Fear was visible on the faces of family members. His cot was put in an old large outer room in the house in which his pet dog * Marshall * is inhabited. Gopal Kishan ji had brought a small injured puppy from the road a few years ago and raised it like his child and named it * Marshall *.

Now Gopal Kishan ji, his cot and his lovely marshal are in this room. Both the sons and sisters made a distance and the children were instructed not to know even near.

Information was given by calling the number issued by the government. The news had spread across the locality but no one came to meet. Wrapped in the sari’s leg, a old lady from the neighborhood came to Amma and said to Gopal Kishan ji’s wife – “Oh, let someone shove food from near it, those hospitalists will take it to the hungry Lift “.

Now the question was who should go to feed them. The daughters-in-law grabbed their mother-in-law, now the hands of Gopal Kishan ji’s wife started trembling as they held the plate, as if the legs were tied with pegs.

Seeing this, the neighbor said, Amma said, “Ari tera to pati hai tu bhi ……… Go face up and shrug the plate from afar, he will pick himself up and eat”. Gopal Kishan ji was silently listening to the entire conversation, his eyes were moist and with shaking lips he said “better if no one comes to me, I am not hungry either”.

Meanwhile, the ambulance arrives and Gopal Kishan ji is asked to sit in the ambulance. Gopal Kishan ji comes to the door of the house and turns once and looks towards his house. Granddaughter – Grandson looking at the grandfather wearing a mask from the window of the first floor and both his daughters-in-law are seen behind those children. On the ground floor, the two sons stood far away, with their mother.

Gopal Kishan ji was storming the thoughts. His granddaughter said Bye while shaking her hand. For a moment he felt ‘Zindagi has said goodbye’

Gopal Kishan ji’s eyes lit up. He sat down and kissed the door of his house and sat in an ambulance. His wife immediately poured a bucket full of water at the door of the house, which Gopal Kishan kissed and sat in the ambulance.

Call it disdain or helplessness, but seeing this scene, the dog too cried and followed the same ambulance which was taking Gopal Kishan ji to the hospital.

Gopal Kishan ji stayed in the hospital for a 14-day absorption period. All their investigations were normal. He was declared completely healthy and discharged. When he came out of the hospital, he saw his dog Marshall sitting at the hospital gate. The two hugged each other. The tears broke down the dam.

By the time his sons’ long car arrived to pick him up, he had left for another direction with his dog. He never showed up after that. Today the news of his disappearance has been printed with his photo, it is written in the newspaper that a reward of 40 thousand will be given to the informer.

You will not know or may not ….

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Disclaimers :This is the English Translation of the “रिश्ते” A Short story by-Rajkumar Dua

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