StayUncle Story:How Sanchit Sethi got success availing safe rooms to Unmarried Couples?


New Delhi based startup StayUncle has a true yet bold tagline- Couples need a Room, not a Judgment.

Although In India it is not illegal for unmarried couples to book a hotel room, as long as they have a valid identity proof. But Couples are always vulnerable to physical attack and moral harassment by self-proclaimed moral police and guardians of culture in society.Right here,you need to know about the StayUncle. 

StayUncle has come with a solution to their rescue. This New Delhi-based startup grew up as a hotel aggregator especially for the unmarried couples. StayUncle has tied up with hotels where unmarried couples can rent rooms for duration as short as 8-10 hours. The motive is to help them in getting affordable rooms, without feeling uncomfortable or unsafe.

StayUncle is a hotel booking website in India for both married and unmarried couples. The site books hotel rooms in 40 Indian cities, who will now allow unmarried couples coming from StayUncle with local ID proof to stay in their properties.

How StayUncle Started?

Sanchit Sethi, a BITS Pilani graduate observed the situation of hotel customers, that they have no option to rent the room for shorter periods anyway they need to pay for whole 24 hours. Sanchit felt that there is a scope in idea of offering rooms for shorter period in affordable budget because it was needful and customer friendly approach. He put forward the idea to his friend Blaze Arizanov .Blaze got convinced and shown interest on this project.

StayUncle was initially co-founded in 2014 by Blaze Arizanov and Sanchit Sethi, as hourly based hotel booking portal for business and transit travellers but has reoriented towards the young couples segment at the beginning of 2015.

In his Bio Sanchit Says that-

An engineer by education. Attention to details is what I am proud of myself. With that attitude and with the support of a multinational team, I am building India’s first couple friendly company. A company that helps unmarried couples book a hotel room for themselves.

Blaze Arizanov is now Chief Marketing Officer; Sethi is Chief Executive Officer.

Blaze Arizanov and Sanchit Sethi
Blaze Arizanov and Sanchit Sethi


  Book a room for 10 hours, pay for 10 hours. Cool, isn’t it?

Sanchit Sethi with his friend Blaze Arizanov launched StayUncle in April, 2015. In the beginning, the initial business plan was to offer hotels for short durations in India where reserving a hotel for 24 hours is a costly affair sometimes.

As a matter of surprise for them, close to 99% of enquiries came from unmarried couples and that let them to reanalyze and reconsider their business idea. As a result of that they started to focus on unmarried couples. They got funding from the country manager of Airbnb as well.

There is no law in India that prohibits an unmarried couple to rent a hotel room, as long as they have a valid identity proof. Sanchit and Blaze took advantage of it and started off with Hotel Ace Residency in December 2015- it was the first hotel to tie up with StayUncle for providing rooms on rent to unmarried couples.

StayUncle grew up gradually and today more than 50 hotels have tied up with StayUncle in Delhi as well as Mumbai and it includes top names like Trident and Hotel Oberoi.

StayUncle Risk and Obstacles:

 Although the kind of services Startup is providing is very risky, it is not an easy task for StayUncle to ensure privacy for customers. The Company faces a challenge to ensure safety and privacy, as in India it’s quite common to find hidden cameras inside hotel rooms. To mitigate the risk, they tie up only with reputed names that would not do something that puts their business on stake.


Pricing :

Sanchit believes it to be a risky yet sustainable business. That’s why unlike most ecommerce Startups he doesn’t believe in offering huge discounts.  For an Eight-hour stay at hotels that are listed on StayUncle costs anywhere between Rs1,400 ($21) and Rs5,000 ($75). However the average rates for the same, is around Rs2,000 ($30) for an eight-hour stay- which is quite reasonable.

So Far, for the unmarried Couples, if they are in Delhi or Mumbai they can take a chance to the most understanding uncle to realize their fantasies.

StayUncle was a really unique and bold initiative towards understanding an issue of unmarried couples and creating a new service domain without interfering with law and legality.

StayUncle is true to its tagline- Couples need a Room, not a Judgment, the startup has picked the right thing- something today’s youth want the most but couldn’t help themselves.


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