Women Entrepreneurship and Challenges in India

In India women are having their own privileges and problems in growing up as an entrepreneur. There are numerous existing examples of successful business leaders and emerging women entrepreneurs. There is a need of talk on Women Entrepreneurship and Challenges in India.

Women are described as the better half on men.only after independence, they enjoyed privileges. According to the constitution, women are similar to men, and various
provisions are introduced for upliftment.
They play a key role in the conservation of basic life support systems like land, water, flora, and fauna.

In Hindu scriptures, women are described
as the embodiment of Shakti that means a source of power. Today, their role has changed. A woman is a driver of a family and in turn nation. And, they do not want
to bid their lives in the four walls of the room.

They are 20th Century.In the early 20s, the involvement of women and their contribution were pretty noticeable. The figure of businesswomen has expanded, mainly in the 1990s.
Women came forward to utilize modern techniques,investments, finding a niche in the market and creating sizable employment or other.

The Industrial Policy Resolution of 1991 has highlighted the need to grow women entrepreneurship programs. As per the 1981 Census Report, there were 1.5 lakhs self-employed women in India that were 5.2% of the total self-
employed people of the country. According to Government of India reports, “women started small-scale industries exclusively run by a female, there were more than 2,
95,680 business women claiming 11.2% of total 2.64 million entrepreneurs in the country during 1995-96.
Multifarious factors like urbanization, technological advancement and educational status of women have
leaving their marks in different parts of life, and the entrepreneurial world is not an exception.
In the 21st century, business women as entrepreneurs are the highest rising entrepreneurial populations in the
country. Women entrepreneurship has been recognized as an important source of the economic process. They produce
new employment themselves and others and spring up with amazing solutions for society to management, organization
and business problems. They make a strong contribution to the economy in the well-being of the family and communities, reducing poverty, and women’s
As it is said, Rom was not built in a day. The
development of women in the business world is a long process; it starts from the early centuries and reaches in modern India after going through a lot of changes and
transformations.transformed their conditions. The presence of women in
economic development in the unorganized sector, organized sector, self-employment, and entrepreneurship is encouraging.
The status and role of women have changed rapidly.The thoroughly domesticated ladies who could not think
beyond the welfare of their families now awakened to action. They have a great desire to progress that is awakening of their dormant individuality. Women hold
enough talent and skills to occupy predominate positions.With the introduction of liberalization, privatization, and globalization in 1991, the Indian economy has been working through a radical change. Woman entrepreneurs
are gaining prominent importance, and they are financially supported by the banks and encouraged by family.History
The concept of entrepreneur came into enlightenment in the 19th century especially the term “women entrepreneurs”.
The story of entrepreneurship development begun in ancient India. Entrepreneurship basically incorporates the function
of seeing investment and producing opportunity, organizing an enterprise to undertake ventures on production and
service.Considering the participation of women in ancient India, it is found that the Rig Vedic Age women were the co-
partners in life. Study indicates that Indian woman enjoyed a high status during the early Vedic period surpassing
contemporary civilizations. The traditional role of a Hindu wife was precisely laid down in Hindu Literature. In earlier societies, women’s role was limited to family; they played an effective role as homemaker.
Present Day In the contemporary world, there exist a plethora of Successful business women entrepreneurs in different
fields in India. They are performing well and scraping their success stories. Government has also introduced numerous schemes like National Skill Development Policy
and National Skill Development Mission to bring skill training, vocational education, and entrepreneurship program for the emerging workforce.18-19th Century
During the mid 18th century, Indian women used to own certain businesses like retail shops, and small handloom business and more. During the 18th and 19th centuries,
more women came out from under the domination of society’s limits and began to rise into the public eye. But before the 20th-century women were running a business as
a way of supplementing income.
In modern India, though during British era, reforms have been made to improvise the status of women, it was Women are leaving the workforce in favour of working at home. Not to be a homemaker but as employment-creating business owners. The rising participation of women entrepreneurs has transformed the demographic characteristics of the business and economic.

[Source: Clipped from Startup City]

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